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FlavourArt concentrates are made in Italy from the best available ingredients.
They are quite strong concentrates, much stronger than many other brands available and should be used sparingly.

FlavourArt concentrates contain NO sugars, protein, genetically modified ingredients, animal ingredients of any kind, preservatives, sweeteners or colors. They are all gluten and peanut free. The calorie count is negligible.


FlavourArt and vaping
Because the strengths between different flavours is so varied and taste is a very personal thing there is no fixed percentage that can be applied when making liqiuds for vaping.
FlavourArt do give starting recommendations for most of the tobacco flavours but for other flavours it is a matter finding this for yourself - somewhere between 1% and 3% is suggested but, as said, it comes down to the individual flavour and personal taste of the user. Only mix small amounts at a time and document everything you do.

As manufacturers of the worlds finest flavours it was only natural that FlavourArt became involved with the vaping industry. More than just making the best flavours though, FlavourArt are being pro-active in the research of tobacco harm reduction. Read about the ClearStream project


FlavourArt concentrates in the kitchen


Diacetyl is a natural flavour found in dairy products and, as an artificially manufactured flavour, is used in cooking to give a 'buttery' taste to dishes. There are no known risks involved with eating products containing Diacetyl, however there may be health issues when a product containing Diacetyl is inhaled (such as when vaping). More..
While our catalogue lists a number of flavours with Diacetyl we don't actually stock them and are only available by special order. Flavours containing Diacetyl should NOT be used in liquids for inhalation.


Natural or artificial flavours? 

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